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Consulting & Training

Zooz offers workshops, courses, lectures and organizational development processes in five major areas:

  • Organizational Consulting
    ZOOZ provides organizational consulting services, including: Organizational diagnosis and architecture, Management coaching, Organizational change planning and implementation, Developing organizational forums and committees, Innovation infrastructure development and more. For further information please contact us.

  • Management Development
    Transformational Leadership, Management by Objectives, Total Planning, Change Management, PR in Internal Communication, Management Styles, Decision-Making with Board Games, Pygmalion Effect, Employee Motivation, Team Management, Project Management soft skills, Manager as Coach, Employee Evaluation, and more. For futher details see our Management Development workshops description (Hebrew PDF file).

  • Employee Development
    Inter-personal Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Confilct Management, Mediation at the Workplace, Teamwork, Group Decision-Making, Meeting Management, Time Management, Learning Organization, Handling Stress at Work, Working Under Pressure with Board Games, Job Insecurtiy, and more. For futher details see our Employee Development workshops description (Hebrew PDF file).

  • Innovation & Creativity
    Total Innovation Management, Innovation Strategy, New Product and Service Develoment using Inventive Thinking, SCAMPER, Idea-Bank Management (Internal and External Screening), De Bono's Six Thinking Hats, De Bono's Thinking Skills, Inventive Thinking in Technology, Multiple Intelligences, Intuitive Painting, and more. For futher details see our Innovation & Creativity workshops description (Hebrew PDF file).

  • Strategy & Marketing (including Service & Sales)
    Stategic Plan Development, Value Innovation Strategy, Strategic Accounting, Introduction to Marketing, Advanced Marketing and Sales Techniques, Costumer Desertion, Complex Sales B2B, Costumer Service Contract, Consumers and Commercialization Science, Creative Advertising, Effective Presentation, Active Public Relations Management, and more. For futher details see our Strategy & Marketing workshops description (Hebrew PDF file).

For information about other workshops please Contact Us.

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