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New at ZOOZon – Preparing for a Recession Among Small Businesses
New at ZOOZ – Sales Teams Enthusiasm Management
New at ZOOZ – Business and Marketing Consultation for Law Firms
New at ZOOZ- The Art of Selling Workshop
New at ZOOZ – Lean Management Workshops
New at ZOOZ – Advanced Management Skills Workshop
New at ZOOZ – Northern Branch Opens
New at ZOOZ - Business Circle
New at ZOOZ - Improving Customer Service Arrays
New at ZOOZ - Marketing Assistance offered to Retail Chains and Consumer Goods Producers in Israel
New at ZOOZ - Excellent Service Workshop
New at ZOOZ - Assertiveness at Work workshop
New at ZOOZ - A Product is Born: Upgrading and Re-designing exsisting Products and Services
New at ZOOZ - Public Workshops - in cooperation with The Management College
New at ZOOZ - "Client Brings Client" Workshop
New at ZOOZ - Creative Brand Management Workshops
New at ZOOZ - Directed Evolution: Technological Monopoly with Ideation-TRIZ
New at ZOOZ - Business Coaching
New at ZOOZ - consulting and support to small businesses
New at ZOOZ - Inventive Problem Solving with Ideation-TRIZ
New at ZOOZ - New Strategy Implementation through BPM
New at ZOOZ - Colleague Coaching workshop and process
New at ZOOZ - Business Process Management (BPM) workshops & consulting
New at ZOOZ - Risk Control and Business Intelligence workshop
New at ZOOZ - Manager as Coach workshop
New at ZOOZ - Job Interview Skills workshop
New at ZOOZ - a costumer desertion workshop
New at ZOOZ - Inventive Thinking in Technology workshops
New at ZOOZ - using PR for internal communication workshop
New at ZOOZ - Management by Objectives workshop
New at ZOOZ - Board Games working under pressure workshop
New at ZOOZ - Planning A to Z workshop
New at ZOOZ - a mediation workshop for managers
New at ZOOZ - LaZOOZ newsletter for Strategy, Marketing & Innovation professionals
New at ZOOZ - SCAMPER workshop for improving processes & developing innovations
New at ZOOZ - a workshop on advanced marketing and sales techniques

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