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Planning and Tactics

What makes your company special and unique?
Is it your product, your service, the people behind it?
Is it your unique location, your knowledge base, your reputation? Do you make the most out of your strengths?
Will you keep doing so next year?
Is your growth too slow? Too fast?
Are you growing in the right direction?

Marketing Strategy is not just about setting goals and defining new target markets while monitoring your competition. It is more about identifying your company's core abilities, and finding how to best profit from them.

ZOOZ offers its expertise in marketing management, accumulated through work with dozens of companies in Israel and abroad. We help companies find promising paths to success, and assist in following these paths smoothly.

Assistance in strategic planning includes:

  • Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Long-term planning

Assistance in tactics includes, among other things:

  • Teamwork techniques
  • High-level negotiation
  • Complex Sales course
  • Direct marketing
  • Business development  





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