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The meaning of ZOOZ in Hebrew is both to move and money. Our mission is to help organizations change and grow, while focusing on the outside - by responding to market and client demands, and on the inside - by developing the human resources of the organization. Therefore, our services include consulting and training in the following areas: strategy, marketing and innovation management (client-focused growth), as well as organizational development, creativity and management skills (organization-focused growth).

ZOOZ was established in 1999, and grown to include some twenty consultants and trainers, of diverse academic backgrounds (MBA, economics, law, engineering, psychology and social sciences) and unique specializations (marketing, product development, international retail, creativity, leadership, motivation and more).

Our clients include leading firms from all industries, including consumer-goods, industrial products, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, hitech and biotech, financial services, universities and educational institutes. ZOOZ is the leading consulting firm in the NITZOZ project of the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Commerce (for developing innovation in small and medium-size businesses), and provides both marketing consulting (for the Israeli Export Institute), and business mentoring (for Ministry of Trade).

We have developed several unique and highly effective consulting and training programs, including: Systematic Innovation (a toolbox a methods for managing innovation), Network-Product (a program to turn local manufacturars into exporters to foreign retail chains), Employee Assesment Development (in which managers develop an assement system to fit their organization), and Transformational Leadership (workshops for practicing effective leadership).

For more information, read about our team, clients (some of them appear below) and about ZOOZ success stories.


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