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Methods and tools for managing innovation processes

NO - A Tool for Deconstructing Paradigms

The thinking tool that we will describe this time seems to be the simplest tool there is. However, using it may lead to far-reaching results. The tool is called NO for short. It was originally invented (as far as we know) by Edward De Bono. Here is an explanation of how this tool is used:

NO - Instructions for Use


  • Write a list of paradigms (fundamental principles, axioms, red lines) regarding your business. For example:
    • We only manufacture plastic products
    • We sell to the entire world
    • Our customers are industrial plants


  • Add the word NO (or derivative) to each paradigm you wrote. For example: 
    • We do NOT manufacture only plastic products
    • We do NOT sell to the entire world.
    • Our customers are NOT industrial plants
  • Conduct a discussion about the implications of each paradigm that you deconstructed. For example:
    • We do NOT only manufacture plastic products. Can you also start manufacturing products from another raw material? Which ones? Will it be worthwhile?
    • We do NOT sell to the entire world. Could you give up on one or more continents? Which ones? What would be the advantages to this?
    • Our customers are NOT industrial plants. Could you also start marketing to other customers, such as retail chains and private customers? How? Why?

    So, if you feel that the time has come to refresh your thinking and to slaughter a few holy cows, gather a few decision makers and use the NO thinking tool. You may very well find yourselves on a completely new path.

  • Information on De Bono’s Thinking Skills workshop appears here (see page 14 at PDF booklet in Hebrew).
  • Information on Inventive Thinking workshops appears here.
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What's new at ZOOZ

External Marketing Management

Many companies need outside help to improve their marketing capabilities. Medium-sized factories (10-100 million NIS turnover) that sell industrial products and solutions to other companies and factories (B2B) worldwide are in particular need of such help. One reason for this is that it is fairly complicated to sell to different countries, in different languages, and with a modest marketing budget. Another reason is that the CEO and Marketing Director are mostly busy with business development and managing the service and sales layouts, and can’t find the time for important issues such as marketing strategy, positioning, marketing communication, advertising, developing marketing materials, and so forth. Moreover, many of them are also not experts in these fields, and therefore they prefer to get help with such important issues from outside experts.

In principle, there are two types of external consultants in this context. The first type is marketing and strategy consultants, which help with planning, but not with ongoing marketing management (organizing a conference, updating a catalog, changing packaging, etc.). The second type is marketing communication firms, which help with the ongoing marketing management (and provide graphic design and writing services, event production, etc.), but are not marketing planning experts (strategy, positioning, product mix, etc.). Numerous factories fall between the cracks and cannot afford to hire both types of consultants. Therefore, even when they get help from one type of consultant, marketing planning or the ongoing marketing management, they are still missing something.

ZOOZ is currently offering a comprehensive solution that specifically answers this need. These are external marketing management services as part of a long term retainer agreement, which includes marketing planning (marketing strategy, differentiation and positioning, creative advertising, Pareto analyses, and more) and also ongoing management of the marketing communication (developing and updating marketing materials – brochures, website, presentations, conference organization, media purchasing, etc.). ZOOZ’s strategy and marketing consultants do the planning under the leadership of Ari Manor, the CEO of ZOOZ. A professional ZOOZ team is responsible for the ongoing management of the marketing communication, and the team includes an English-speaking copywriter and an experienced graphic designer. We can now offer a turnkey external solution for marketing management that combines planning at a very high level and ongoing professional and meticulous performance.

The good news is that the marketing level of industrial products is generally fairly low. As proof, see how boring the advertisements in the industrial brochures are. Therefore, it is relatively easy, if you do the right things, to stand out against the competition. So if you market industrial products, and are constantly very busy, running around all over the world, and still want to benefit from upgraded and productive marketing, revenues, and profits - let’s meet.


  • To schedule an appointment with us regarding External Marketing Management: contact us
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  • For information on Advanced Marketing and Sales Techniques workshop: click here (Page 13 in Heb. PDF Booklet)


A creative advertisement and its logic

Breaking down Walls


We previously and repeatedly mentioned the logic of taking outcomes to the extreme, such as in the last issue of this section, which describes a radical implication of a product or service’s benefit.

The advertisement shown here also uses this logic. This is a brilliant ad for a karate school. The message in this ad is clear and simple: we are not a regular school. If you come and study with us, you will not sit in a classroom and be bored. In fact, you will very quickly learn to break all the desks by yourself.

Karate, for those that do not know, means “empty hand”. You do not need pens and notebooks at a karate school. Even desks aren’t necessary. But the actual reference to a regular classroom, in a regular school, with desks and chairs for the pupils and a desk opposite for the teacher, does the job very well and emphasizes the difference and the uniqueness of the karate school. Because the ad humorously appeals to the viewer, it transmits another important message: karate is fun and enjoyable. Karate can even be funny! This is indeed a clever and seductive message, because it creates a new and lighter image for karate, and dispels the natural reservations in this context – of an overly pedantic teacher, strict discipline, and painful blows...


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