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Methods and tools for managing innovation processes


This is the fourth of the seven SCAMPER conceptual tools. This tool, Modify , examines how a tangible characteristic of one or more of a product's components can be changed. A tangible characteristic operates on one of the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.


With this tool, we try to examine the possibilities of modifying the size (enlarge or reduce), color, taste, smell, texture, sound or shape. This tool can be used not only to improve products, but also to improve (tangible) components of service or process.


Operative stages of Modify :

1. In the first stage, the product, service, process or problem is selected

2. In the second stage, internal (tangible, physical) components are listed

3. In the third stage, new ways are sought to conduct tangible change in one or more
    components: to enlarge, reduce, modify color, taste, smell, texture, sound or shape.

4. In the fourth stage, the innovation is demonstrated and benefits are identified


Example 1:

  • Existing product: motor scooter
  • Internal components: body, engine, windshield, exterior, steering handlebar, wheels, seat, dashboard
  • Innovations that have already been implemented in motor scooters:
    • Executive motor scooter (larger body and engine, sometimes the body is in the shape of motorcycle)
    • Folding mini scooter (small in size, can fit in the trunk of a car)
    • Safety scooter with a protective, arch-shaped roof (enlarging and modifying the shape of the windshield)
    • Rougher tires (change in texture to prevent skidding - especially during the winter)
  • Innovations that have yet to be implemented (to the best of our knowledge):
    • Exterior in a spongy texture (to soften the blows from the scooter in the event of rolling over)
    • Scooter with giant wheels (a unique look, easy to get up onto sidewalks, high navigability)
    • Scooter that emits a pleasant smell and green smoke from its exhaust (using a tank with biodegradable material)
    • Scooter with an engine noise neutralizer (with a mechanism that plays the opposite sound)
    • Scooter whose entire body is painted in a reflective red color (safety, as well as a unique look)

Example 2:

  • The service: public swimming pool
  • Internal components: pool, lifeguard, diving board, water, lane dividers, grass, showers, chairs, side walls
  • Innovations that have already been implemented :
    • Size - small pools for children, giant pools (for example - spas)
    • Shape - water with large waves (created by a wave machine), sprays (Jacuzzi), waterfalls
    • Sound - dancing in the pool
    • Taste - pools with sweet or salt water
  • Innovations that have yet to be implemented (to the best of our knowledge):
    • Color - pool with colored water - black, for example (one could swim naked without anyone seeing)
    • Texture - pool filled with soda water (similar to a sulfur spring, but artificial)
    • Shape - lane dividers in the shape of ducks or fish
    • Sound - side of the pool that plays a warning sound when the swimmer approaches it



What's new at ZOOZ

"A Product is Born" - upgrading products or services

For about four years, ZOOZ has operated a unique program called Mutzareshet, which enables subcontractors and Israeli manufacturers to become exporters for the first time and to develop branded products for retail chains abroad. Mutzareshet , which is subsidized by a number of government programs, has already yielded a number of new product lines. For articles about this program and the international retail business, click here.


Now, ZOOZ is launching a new program that enables those who are already marketing various products and services in Israel and abroad to refresh, renew and upgrade their merchandise. The new program, called A Product is Born , is appropriate for upgrading consumer products, professional products, and various types of retail services (for example, coffee shops, clothing stores, food markets and bank branches), and more. The program was developed and is being presented in collaboration with the design studio of Jessica Cohen, and includes a comprehensive and unique track:


  • Observation (deciphering viewing and consumption habits)
  • Positioning and marketing strategy (mapping customers and the unique benefit offered to them)
  • Systematic innovation (development of dozens of ideas for innovations in the product and service)
  • Managing an idea pipeline (filtering and promoting ideas for innovation)
  • Concept testing - examining market response to ideas for innovation)
  • Industrial and graphic design (developing models, marketing and sales promotion materials, designing retail settings)


Like the Mutzreshet program, A Product is Born is subsidized by various government programs, including the Nitsos (Spark) and Livui Shivuki (Marketing Assistance) programs. A Product is Born is unique in closely combining marketing and design considerations throughout the entire program.


  • For more information on the A Product is Born or Mutzareshet programs please  contact us


A creative advertisement and its logic

Using External Components


Creative advertising can sometimes cleverly employ external components that already exist in the setting where the advertisement appears.


For example, the ad shown here was published in a newspaper's centerfold, and used the ends of the staple (that staples the newspaper pages together), which always are present, in any case, in the centerfold.


The advertisement shows a hand that was ostensibly pierced by the staple at the lower part of the page and is now bleeding at exactly this spot. In this way, the problem (cuts in a hand) is portrayed in dramatic way and the reader is urged to buy bandaids from the advertised brand, Derban. The slogan that appears under the picture of the bandaid package (at the top right) is also right on target: "Always handy." In advertising, one should usually avoid being overly clever and resist the temptation to use a play on words (hand and handy), but this time it fits… like a glove. When the readers passes by the shelf of Derban bandaids next time at the supermarket, it is likely that they will remember the advertisement and add the product to their shopping cart, because the message - "Good to have at home" - worked.


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