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Methods and tools for managing innovation processes


This is the second SCAMPER tool we review here. Use the Combine tool to examine how elements of the nearby environment can be integrated into a product, service, problem or process.

The steps for using Combine are as follows:

1. Choose an existing product, service, process or problem

2. List the elements of the environment: parts, materials, methods, ideas

3. Find an original and new way to combine elements listed on step 2

4. Visualize the new product, service or process, and identify its benefits and uses


Example 1:

  • Existing product: Yellow Cheese
  • Environment elements: bread, butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pepper, meat, skewering stick, vitamins...
  • Improvements which have already taken place:
    • Yellow cheese covered with ground pepper
    • Yellow cheese enriched with vitamins and Calcium
    • Yellow cheese sandwich (combining with bread)
  • Improvements which have not yet taken place (as far as we know):
    • Sticks with yellow cheese on them, covered with bread crumbs
    • Yellow cheese slices with butter spread on one side
    • Yellow cheese balls or fingers filled with mustard / ketchup / mayonnaise

Example 2:

  • Service: Banking
  • Environment elements: businesses, real-estate, stock market, coffee shops, meeting rooms, other banks...
  • Improvements which have already taken place:
    • A coffee shop inside a bank branch (Leumi Bank, Ra'anana)
    • Mortgage banking (combining real estate into banking)
  • Improvements which have not yet taken place (as far as we know):
    • A bank offering meeting rooms for business clients
    • A bank offering central client account management - for client accounts in several competing banks



What's new at ZOOZ

Business Coaching

In todays complex business reality, managers and employees find themselves in a wild rat race, spending too many resources on secondary issues. Business Coaching offers the managers a way out of the "box" they're living in, and a chance to reach the places they truly wish to be in. It provides them with a set of tools that help exercise physical and mental "muscles" which in turn leads to improved performance and the reaching of goals. This achieves major breakthroughs, and seemingly unobtainable heights.


ZOOZ now offers Business Coaching, aimed at obtaining personal and business goals that are otherwise unattainable. The process is made up of short one-on-one meetings, during which we clarify the desired goals, set measures for improvement, and deal with obstacles that stand in their way. A manager who goes through the process ususally gains two important benefits: first - actually obtaining the goals, and second - acquiring personal improvement skills that serve them later on as well.



A creative advertisement and its logic

Surprisng Resemblance


A typical "Before and After" ad shows the allegedly "scientific" results of using a certain product (washing machine powder, unique diet pill, etc.). In most cases it is a typical hard sale ad, lacking any creativity.


However, in the two examples before us, there is no change between the before and after, and that's exactly what makes the message witty, original and surprising.

The top ad shows absolutely no change between the two fish bowls. The fish is swimmimg in the same angle, water level is the same, and no blue stone has moved - before or after using ERA moving service.

The lower ad shows that one may be creative and even bold when advertising a medical drug. Bali by day and Bali by night looks the same for the poor tourist and amateur photographer suffering from diarrhea - the hotel toilet. Imodium - anti-diarrhea medicine, is the next snapshot in the album, as it released him from the WC. This ad also uses the Reversal template we mentioned in a previous issue (with this message: "If you don't take Imodium - you'll spend your vacation in the toilets").


  • Sources:
    - Era Moving Services, Doris Soh & Asc., Singapore,  Joseph Tay, Ted Studio
    - Imodium, Eivind Stoud Paltou, Stig Bjolbakk Linda Cartridge, Jarle Nyttingsnes
  • For information on creative advertising workshop see page 18 of our Strategy and Marketing workshop description (Hebrew, PDF file)

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